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What Is This?

This is an invitation for you to participate in a new initiative to promote the books of true crime and crime fiction authors in an organized, collective and powerful way. It is aimed at helping all of us reach new, highly-targeted readers. The promotion will happen twice per year.

Who is Doing It?

This is operated by Jamie Malton at Malton Publishing LLC, a true crime author.

What Does It Cost to Be Included?

Zero. But it’s by invitation only because it needs to be laser-targeted to serious true crime and crime fiction readers who appreciate highly rated books. (There is a very significant crossover in these fiction/non-fiction audiences. The people who read true crime also read crime fiction, and vice versa. They want to know about similar authors.)

Is This An Affiliate Play?

No. All the promo book links will be our Genius Links because those will redirect readers to the Amazon store in their own country, but we will not attach our affiliate account to those links.

If It Doesn’t Make You Money, Why Do It?

As crime authors (fiction and non-fiction) we all need to reach new readers on an ongoing basis. This promotion is a way for us to leverage our collective clout in an effective way and show the Amazon algorithm we are are the authors who aggressively market our titles. Amazon rewards the authors who show up for work. Further, there is a shortage of sharply targeted promotions for crime books, and certainly a dearth of powerful but affordable promotions.

How Does It Work?

The debut of this promotion will occur on Thursday, May 16th, 2024
Every invited crime author can promote one to four books per promotion but the emphasis is on free books, so at least one free book is always required.

However, an author can choose any ONE of these scenarios:

  • 1 Free e-book
  • 2 Free e-books
  • 1 Free e-book + 1 $0.99 e-book
  • 2 Free e-books + 1 $0.99 e-books
  • 2 Free e-books + 2 $0.99 e-books

– The promotional price(s) needs to be active on the day of the promotion, but we highly recommend extending it for an additional day or two to catch the stragglers.
– We want to promote deals – so permanently free books are not a good fit for this. However permanent $0.99 books that are the first in a series are OK because we know how critical those are to capturing new readers.
Participating authors agree to notify their own mailing list before the promotion so those readers can join our list to be notified of the promo page on the day it happens.
– Our goal is to have 30-50 titles included in the May 16th, 2024 promo and systematically gain more visibility in our indie author community so that this bi-annual promotion grows into a very powerful marketing tool for all of us, perhaps involving 100+ titles and tens of thousands of readers in the future.

Will This Work?

Many of you already know that there is a Stuff Your E-Reader Day for romance books. The romance category is a leviathan and that promotion gets a ton of free publicity. Its success caused Amazon to create its own Stuff Your Kindle Day. While we have no expectation of achieving the level of visibility of the romance category, let alone Amazon itself, this marketing tactic is well proven and crime writers need to have something similar of our own.

Who Gets the Slots Near the Top of the Page?

Not Jamie Malton. Her book(s) will be mingled lower in the page. Placement will be allocated on a first to submit, first to appear basis. So the earlier you tell us your ASIN and price, the higher your title will appear on the page. The final order on the day will be affected by Murphy’s Law. Inevitably, a busy author will forget to set the price(s) in time, or Amazon will fail to make the change. We will check all prices immediately before pulling the trigger and books at the incorrect price will be pulled from the promo at the last minute and everyone else will move up on the page. We have to focus on reader experience and we want crime readers to rave about how great this promo is and to tell all their friends about it.

Also, the authors who participate in this May, 2024 promo will get early invitations to the November, 2024 promo – ahead of additional authors who will be solicited. Thus ensuring better positions on the page in November for all returning participants.

What Else Should I Know About This?

There are three things you need to be OK with.

1. We need all the participants to agree to send at least one broadcast email to their mailing list and one social media post (if you are on social media) to tell them you are participating in this promotion and to include our link to where those people can subscribe to our list so they can be notified of the dedicated landing page on launch day.

2. We will create some advertising graphics of our promotional page and some of those graphics will show a collage of book covers. All or part of your cover could be in a collage, so you need to be OK with that. If for some reason you don’t want that to happen you can send us an email saying so and we’ll make sure any screen grabs avoid your cover(s).

3. It’s important to realize that this is a bootstrap initiative by us. By virtue of the relatively small indie fiction/true crime niche, this will always be a semi-private promotion between a discrete number of indie authors trying to gain more visibility in the niche. And while the nice people at Malton Publishing LLC have over 20 years of online marketing experience and every incentive to execute this promotion flawlessly, in the event that Malton Publishing LLC drops the ball and a promotion does not happen on time, or your titles aren’t properly included, you need to agree there will be no financial restitution made or liability incurred. This is a free promotion done via co-operative execution from all parties, and no guarantees are being proffered by anyone or to anyone.

I’m Not Sure Yet, I Have Questions

You can send an email to this address. (Please don’t share the email, this is for invitees only and we don’t want to reject other authors and create hard feelings.)

I’m in! Where do I send my info?

Visit this page to submit your info and secure your slot(s). (And please don’t share this page for the same reason as above.)



The Titles Below Are FREE Today Only

True Crime Case Histories – Volume 4: 12 Disturbing True Crime Stories

This volume features twelve of the most incomprehensible stories of the last sixty years. Trying to understand the motivation behind murders like these can be an exercise in futility. But one thing is for sure, — the stories in this volume will keep you…

My Name is Anthony Avalos: A Child Abuse True Crime Story

This book covers one case – the story of ten year old Anthony Avalos, murdered in the same county as Gabriel Fernandez had been murdered five years before. Anthony was a bright and courageous little boy who was loved by everyone except…

Dark Omen: A Northern Michigan Asylum Novel

Sisters share a special bond. The kind you’d kill to keep. Crystal Childs is beautiful, free-spirited, and harboring secrets. When she vanishes without a trace, her older sister, Bette is plunged into a chilling tale of long buried secrets, unsolved murders, and a shuttered asylum for…

Dark River Inn : A Troubled Spirits Novel

If you’re searching for a paranormal thriller you’ll be reading all night, grab Dark River Inn-the first in a series of stand-alone haunted mysteries inspired by true crimes. It’s the day of his ex-wife’s wedding and Dan, a detective on leave, navigates winding mountain roads to put some distance between himself and…

Prison Days Book 1: A True Crime and Prison Biography

Welcome to Maximum-Security, where deadly inmates decide your fate. Prepare yourself for an uncensored trip behind the razor wire, as you experience life inside a place holding the worst offenders imaginable. Witness horrific assaults, murders, prison…

Shine House: An Emmie Rose Haunted Mystery Book 0: A Prequel Novella

An abandoned lighthouse. A haunted psychic. The secrets of Shine House beckon from the shadows. Emmie’s spring break just started. Her idyllic getaway by the ocean is everything she dreamed of. Solitude. Friends. Sunshine. A chance to get away from…

Rite To Silence: An Action Packed Crime Thriller from the Roberts and Bradley PI series

Dressed in a white gown, with black makeup daubed across his eyes, the victim was killed with devilish precision – and more grisly secrets are soon uncovered… a plastic token is hidden in the fatal wound. But why was the young man killed? What is the meaning behind the strange method of murder?

Luck and Judgment: An Action Packed Crime Thriller From The Roberts and Bradley PI Series

Gail Everett hires private investigators Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley and hands them a secret file supplied by her late father. As the PIs use the file to unpick a conspiracy – serious villains begin to appear in their lives. And as a violent gangster closes in Eva and Dan discover just how deadly their mission has become.

The Summoning: A psychological suspense mystery

None of this was supposed to happen. It all started so innocently. Charlie only stopped in Redemption, Wisconsin, because she was lost. She never meant to stay. She never meant to fall in love. She never meant to bring the danger she was running from into…

MY SON IS A MURDERER (Twisty, Addictive Psychological Thrillers Book 1)

A devoted mother navigates through a web of lies and dark secrets to prove her son’s innocence. He’s been accused of murdering Henry Cain, his best friend and was arrested. But she begins to question who…

White Heat (Annihilation Pest Control Series Book 1)

He’s an elite killer who prides himself on being cold, calm and calculating. If he’s to survive the week he’d better stay that way. Spitfire Creosote is being sent to New York to take out a defecting Russian gangster. It’s a standard job and he’s…

Murder Casebook Volume 2: 12 Shocking True Crime Cases

Immersive, detailed, and objectively told, this new volume of 12 more shocking true crime cases will show you that killers come in many different guises. But they all have one thing in common – a chilling disregard for…

The Murder of Katherine Brown: A Shocking True Crime Story

Step into the heart-pounding world of The Murder of Katherine Brown: A Shocking True Crime Story, where forbidden passion and unimaginable violence collide in a gripping tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This nonfiction masterpiece uncovers the chilling account of a man consumed by his own insatiable…

The Redeemer: A Shanna Regan Murder Mystery

Repent Before You Die…Or May You Never R.I.P.’ Threatening fake commemorative plaques, vigilante killings, a Jewish community in an English town – what’s the link? The clock is ticking to the next murder. **Shortlisted for Best Debut Crime Novel of 2022 in the Crime Fiction Lover Awards**

Unbelievable Crimes Volume One: Macabre Yet Unknown True Crime Stories

Step into some of the most heinous (yet relatively unknown) crimes ever committed and delve into twelve twisted tales of murder in Unbelievable Crimes. From the deplorable abduction and imprisonment of young women by James Jamelske, who kept his victims in his basement, to the tale of charismatic…

SINGULARITY (Sarah Armstrong Mysteries Book 1)

Profiler Sarah Armstrong knows what it’s like to be in a sticky situation. But when megawealthy businessman Edward Lucas III is found murdered along with his mistress, their bodies posed in grotesque ways, Sarah quickly senses that this will be the deadliest case of her career. While others focus on Lucas’s estranged wife, Sarah hunts…

Little Doves: A psychological thriller

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil – or pay the consequences. Twenty years ago, Stasia King’s 14-year-old sister was abducted, raped and viciously murdered. Now, on the anniversary of her disappearance, another young girl has gone missing, from the same exclusive country club. The cases can’t possibly be…

The Dollhouse: A psychological thriller (Duality Book 1)

Sometimes people just can’t accept the past. Alfred needs Dolls. Blonde, blue-eyed human dolls that will help him rewrite his past and change his future. Twins Angel and Bud are used to making do. Their dad is in prison, and mom won’t win parenting awards. Bud thrives on…

British Killers – Volume 2: Nine Horrific True Crime Stories From The UK…And How They Were Solved

This book tells the story of 9 true crimes, and the events around them, which took place in the UK and captured the attention of the British media and public at the time. Dead In Devils Dyke
David Lashley was a violent rapist with a deep hatred of blonde women, so when the beautiful…

TRUE TALES OF MURDER & MAYHEM: Chilling Stories of Crimes and Investigations – Volume #1

Murderous Families. The process of growing up as part of a small family group prepares a child to take a constructive part in the world. But when a family turns to crime together, there seems to be no limit to their…

Black Widow: The True Story of Giggling Granny Nannie Doss

In 1927, Charley Braggs arrived home to find two of his children dead. The doctor who observed the children in their last moments diagnosed food poisoning as the cause. There was no need for an autopsy. His wife, Nannie, blamed tainted grains as the source but Charley wasn’t convinced. Charley didn’t feel safe around…

Behind Shadows: An explosive, addictive psychological thriller novel from Netta Newbound

Amanda Flynn’s life is falling apart. Her spineless, cheating husband has taken away her beloved children, her paedophile father has been released from prison and is seeking revenge, and someone is in the shadows watching her every move. As if that’s not enough, her childhood abusers are turning up dead one by one, and Amanda finds herself at the centre of multiple…

The Watcher: A terrifying, addictive psychological thriller novel from Netta Newbound

Life couldn’t get any better for Hannah. She has it all – a dream job in Manchester, fun-loving new neighbours, and unmistakable sexual chemistry with her hot new boss. But things are about to take a sinister turn. As several of her colleagues and neighbours are killed off one by one, Hannah’s idyllic life begins to…

Mailboat I: The End of the Pier

A teen without a family. A town with a dark history. A body in the lake. Abandoned by her own parents, forgotten by the foster care system, Bailey’s learned to weather every storm—except the one that rages inside. Is a family of her own too much to ask for? Her only anchor is Tommy, captain of the famous Lake Geneva Mailboat for the past fifty…

The Asylum Confessions (The Asylum Confession Files Book 1)

They arrive alive. They always leave dead. But first, they give me their confessions. My name is Jack Steen, and for those who arrive on my ‘death’ ward at the Asylum, I’m the last face many will see before they die. I am the night nurse at an Asylum for the Criminally Insane, and most of my patients know me as their Angel of Death. I know them as…

True Crime Collection: Gripping Encounters With Serial Killers Book 1

Each volume in this series invites you on an exploration into the minds of serial killers. This anthology offers captivating stories perfect for true crime readers. Every tale begins with a chilling encounter that showcases the moment when predator meets victim. These stories cover the grisly details of the crimes, and chronicle the relentless investigations and tireless manhunts that brought these lesser-known serial killers to justice.

Curated True Crime #1: Ritual Killers

Amazon best-selling and Firebird True Crime award-winning author Jamie Malton, in collaboration with new author Aiden Galway, have created a new True Crime series of specially curated stories that each carry a common theme. In Volume #1: Ritual Killers we look into the minds of criminals who formed their own justifications for committing the ultimate act of murder.

True Crime Trivia: 350 Fascinating Questions & Answers to Test Your Knowledge of Serial Killers, Mysteries, Cold Cases, Heists & More

Are you the ultimate true crime fan? How much do you know about your favorite cases?
 Play true crime trivia to find out: Did a serial killer roam the Titanic? How many killers get away with murder each year?
Discover the answers to 350 eye-opening questions like these in True Crime Trivia.

True Crime Trivia 2: Test Your Knowledge of Serial Killers, Cults, Cold Cases, Mysteries, Organized Crimes & More with 300 Chilling & Fascinating Quiz Questions

In this companion to the #1 ranking True Crime Trivia, podcaster, researcher and author Michelle Tooker takes you on a journey through some of the most notorious crimes in history. With 300 questions and answers, you’ll test your knowledge of everything from serial killers to cold cases, unsolved mysteries to white-collar crime.

The Titles Below Are Reduced To $0.99 Today Only

True Crime Case Histories – Volume 8: 12 Disturbing True Crime Stories

In this volume, you’ll read some stories that take place as recently as a few years ago, while others date back as far as the 1930s. There’s the story of a young Russian immigrant who came to the United States seeking the exciting lifestyle he’d seen on television, only to be stabbed, set on …

ABUSED TO DEATH 1: Child abuse true crime stories including the tragic story of Baby P

Baby P was just 17 months old when his mother’s boyfriend and his brother abused and murdered him, while his mother sat by, surfing the internet. Sylvia Likens was a shy teenager who loved The Beatles, whose foster mother encouraged the neighbourhood children to humiliate

Brothers in Crime: A Crime Thriller Series

One kid’s horrific journey behind the walls of maximum-security and the price he paid for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Survival is just the beginning. Dylan’s eighteen, scared, and sent to maximum-security. The crime? Passed out drunk in the backseat of a car after his 18th birthday…

It Began With a Lie (Secrets of Redemption Book 1)

An award-winning, gripping psychological suspense mystery. All Becca wanted was a fresh start. That wasn’t what she got. Becca was sure the move from New York to Redemption, Wisconsin was exactly what her troubled family needed. A way to get her crumbling…

The Final Trick: An Action Packed Crime Thriller from the Roberts and Bradley PI series

Who will be the next to die? The killer or his prey? Private Investigators Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley are hired to track down young single mother Willow Jackson. But when a body is found on the outskirts of town, all seems…

Harder They Fall: A Gripping Private Detective Crime Mystery

Detective Dan Bradley becomes the victim of a devastating attack. Bradley and his partner Eva Roberts are left to pick up the pieces. But they soon learn of other victims. The private detectives must track down a villain unlike any they have ever known. Relentless and bitterly cruel, he…

MY FATHER IS A SERIAL KILLER (Twisty, Addictive Psychological Thrillers Book 2)

A wife and true crime blogger pursues the dark mystery behind her family’s brutal murders, suspecting that her own father is a serial killer. But nothing is as it seems as she works to unravel shocking lies, dark…

A World of Sun and Violence (The John Beckett Series Book 3)

In the heat of the Venezuelan jungle, a man forged by danger faces his deadliest mission yet. Ex- Secret Service operative, John Beckett, is now travelling the world, ticking places off his bucket list. Next stop: Venezuela’s majestic…

Murder Casebook Volume 3: 12 Shocking True Crime Cases

Lively, intriguing, and objective, this third volume of the Murder Casebook series includes 12 more shocking true crime cases that will remind you of the disturbing truth: killers can appear completely normal on the surface, and they might even look like…

Unbelievable Crimes Volume Seven: Macabre Yet Unknown True Crime Stories

Investigate some of the most horrific but unheard-of tales of true crime in Unbelievable Crimes Volume Seven. In the seventh installment of this series, I’ll visit some twisted cases that expose the wickedness some humans are capable of. From savage attacks and kidnapping to homicidal teens…

Infamous True Crimes and Trials Volume #1

Looking for a spine-chilling ebook on Kindle? Check out “Infamous True Crimes and Trials Volume #1”, a must-read for true crime enthusiasts. This book delves into ten horrifying crimes and trials, with each story presented in…

TRUE TALES OF MURDER & MAYHEM: Chilling Stories of Crimes and Investigations – Volume #2

Murder By Gaslight. The gaslit towns and cities of the 19th century have long fascinated criminologists. One has only to think of the appeal of Sherlock Homes in fogbound London. This was an era when a criminal like the master…

The Monster Within: A True Story of Bloodthirst, Brutality and Barbaric Evil

Prostitutes and animals could no longer satisfy Peter Kürten’s sexual deviancy. During a burglary of a local tavern, he stumbled upon a nine-year-old girl asleep in her bed. He strangled her, slashed her throat with a pocket knife, and…

Embellished Deception: A thrilling, addictive psychological suspense novel from Netta Newbound

When Geraldine’s marriage falls apart, she seeks solace in the familiar comfort of her childhood home. But upon returning, she discovers that something is very wrong with her mother. Meanwhile, James has also returned to the village to help solve a series of brutal rapes and is ecstatic to learn that his former…

Legacy of Lies – The Haunting of Hilda: An addictive ghostly thriller novel from Netta Newbound

When Hilda’s mother is imprisoned for murder, she and her sister are sent to England to live with their aunt. Twenty years later, Hilda returns to New Zealand to find her childhood home just as spooky as ever. But she’s not the scared little girl she once was – she’s determined to uncover the secrets of her past, no matter how…

Mailboat II: The Silver Helm

A forgotten teen. A death too close to home. A killer still on the loose. The story continues from Mailboat Book I. Life has taught Bailey that everyone she gets close to leaves her. Even her beloved mentor, Mailboat Captain Tommy, has pulled away after the death of his son. Yet after her own recent brush with death, she’s surrounded by people she wishes she…

Killer Case Files: 60 Shocking Stories of Murder and Mayhem (True Crime Bundle)

In this anthology of 60 stories, Killer Case Files delivers riveting accounts of deviant and horrifying murders. These killers can range from seemingly normal people to psychopaths and serial killers who commit years of murder and mayhem. These stories feature painstakingly uncovered facts, testimony and evidence as it was revealed. You’ll experience the cruelty and horror that investigators, witnesses, and victims had to confront.

JUST RELEASED  Curated True Crime #5: Neighborhood Nightmares

In Volume #5: Neighborhood Nightmares you’ll read about victims whose only mistake was living near neighbors who had violent minds, deep secrets, and murderous intentions. Read how detectives and forensic science identified, tracked down, and convicted these twisted offenders, most of whom you will have never heard about before.

True Crime Trivia 3: Test Your Knowledge of Serial Killers, Unsolved Mysteries, Infamous Crimes, Hoaxes & More with 250 Chilling & Fascinating Quiz Questions

In book three of the #1 ranking True Crime Trivia Series, author, podcaster and researcher Michelle Tooker takes you on a journey through some of the most notorious crimes in history. With 250 true crime trivia quiz questions, you’ll test your knowledge of everything from hoaxes to serial killers and unsolved mysteries to cold cases.

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